Halloween Meals Made Easy

It doesn’t matter how old I get. I love Halloween. There’s a part of me that still wishes it were appropriate to eat a pillowcase worth of sugary candy. Next best idea? Halloween-themed food. Pinterest has a million ideas. Here are some of my favorites— a lyst of tricks for making spooky treats. Stellar cooking skills not required…

Eyeball Eggs for Breakfast: cook an egg sunny-side up. Fill the corner of a plastic bag with ketchup, and make a small cut at the corner. Use this to create your eye’s veins. Sprinkle pepper in the center of the yoke and serve.


Spooky Snacks Plate for Lunch: first, peel a mini orange and lightly pull the center apart— creating a small opening. Place an inch-long celery slice in the center of the orange.


Next, slice a mozzarella cheese stick in thirds. Use your knife to make a number of slits at the bottom of each cube, and separate them. Press a small pretzel stick at the top, and use onion chives as ties.


Top off lunch with a jack-o’-lantern grilled cheese. Combine pumpernickel bread and cheddar cheese. Use a pairing knife to cut shapes from the top piece of bread. Grill as normal.


Black Bean & Sweet Potato Tacos for Dinner: I love this meal for its simplicity, and it looks so festive this time of year. Combine chopped (and fully cooked) sweet potatoes and black beans on a toasted wheat tortilla. Add condiments (cheese, salsa, onions, etc.), and chicken if you prefer meat.


Reese’s Broomsticks for Dessert: lay out several mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups upside down. Place a small pretzel stick in each, and serve next to festive decor. Warning: you’ll eat more than one.


PS. Festive cocktails are coming Friday…