What’s in My Hospital Bag

Here’s what i’m packing for delivery this week! I learned less is more last time, and the hospital provides the necessities.

Note: Some decisions are super personal surrounding birth plans and health preferences, so please keep this a judgment-free zone… we all make choices based on our experiences, concerns, and wants.

Toiletries: Summer Fridays CC Me Serum, Jet Lag Mask, Lip Butter Balm + Babymoon Belly BalmOle Henriksen cleansing wipes • dry shampoo, scrunchies, etc. • Slip lavender calming mist for the hospital room + essential oils

Personal care: Earth Mama Organics nipple butter + perennial spray • Slip eye mask

Clothing for me: Commando boy shortsMason Grey LA robe • Tommy John black sweat pants (leggings won’t cut it, because you’re in a v chic mom diaper in the days that follow) • slippers and/or rubber sandals • Juem nursing brasoversized tees

Clothing for baby: Two going home options (Kissy Kiss Onsie, Angel Dear Set) • swaddlebeanie

Baby essentials: Cord Blood Registry Kit (we did this with Ev as well, there are varying payment plans) • formula just in case (I packed the Holle brand) — even if you plan to nurse, bring your own as a backup if you are particular

Additional: install your car seat (we use Nuna) + print your birth plan

Tech: mini phone tripod, Canon film camera, chargers, small speaker for music

Bags: zipper packing cubes from Amazon • any duffle that’s easy to wipe down after

Notes on birth plan: This is very personal to you! Do what YOU feel comfortable with. I personally list my doctor, pediatrician + emergency contacts . My plan for an epidural and at how many centimeters I want to ideally make it to before getting one — the nurses and your partner can help you get to this point if it’s your desire — and/or be sure to say if you *don’t* want an epidural. Also list medical allergies. And know that a birth plan is just THAT — a plan. it will probably change, this is merely a guide to help your caregivers at the hospital if you’re in too much pain to say what you want.