Time Away: My Maternity Leave | Journey to Motherhood

Happy Monday! No baby yet (sigh), but I’m really enjoying this nesting period before maternity leave. My mama came into town last week, and I’ve been spoiled to have some special time just the two of us, before the littlest one decides to make his or her debut.

My due date is (officially!) Tuesday, but it’s looking more and more like this babe is wanting to make an entrance by arriving fashionably late. To be really honest, I haven’t yet felt ‘ready’ for my pregnancy journey to be over, and perhaps that’s why the little one is giving me a little more solo time with the kicks and cuddles.

I wanted to write to you here, on my plans for You & Lu in the weeks following my baby’s birthday. You are a part of my family (truly), and I’ll update you when the little one arrives. As for my traditional posts here on the site, you’ll notice a break from the typical schedule. This is to ensure that I can be the mama I need to be for my family.

‘Maternity leave’ doesn’t have a clear definition when you work for yourself… (and I have struggled with how to handle it). While I don’t have a set amount of time I’ll be slowing things down for, I know it’s necessary to take some quiet time away with my first-born. This is a moment in life neither myself nor my child will get back.

My small (yet incredible!) team is stepping up for me, and will be handling a lot of the day-to-day workings on the site. You’ll still notice fun DIY’s, recipes + style secrets going up later this month and beyond, that my team will help me in developing. AND, I’ll still be staying active on Instagram, so wander over to see how my life evolves…

Thank you for being patient with me here as I navigate this new role. All my love…