This is What Fall Taught me about Motherhood

Fall reminds us change is beautiful. It’s nature’s way of proving the passing of time creates a new beginning — one that always seems to come too soon, yet is so remarkably needed. I needed that reminder this year.

Time never feels more fleeting than it does as a new mother. Somehow my baby’s newness is beginning to feel more routine now, and he’s more of a boy than a newborn. He looks at me with purpose and tugs at my hair when he wants to be held tighter. He needs to see and smell and feel everything in the room. He giggles when his toes touch the fall grass, and he blinks quickly when the breeze hits his face.

He’s changing, changing, changing, right alongside those beautiful maples in our neighborhood.


Motherhood is wanting to infinitely freeze time, while also wanting to indulge in all the magic only time can give us. Time takes so much, and gives so much.”

Fall reminds me to be unafraid of time — this year, especially. Because just as those leaves started to paint the pavement in a sea of orange, my boy began to crawl and clap and babble his first words… gifts that only time could give me.

… and so, as the next season comes and goes, I will indulge in all of its joy rather than hold onto the fear of what I am losing.

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Lauren’s Look (in full Anthropologie) | Pants | Sweater | Boots (similar)

Evan’s Look | Pants: H&M | Sweatshirt: H&M | Beanie: Gap

Photos by Cibelle Levi