The Curves of Creating Life

Opening up with Mother Muse in collaboration with Monica Rose today, and sharing some of my favorite moments captured on camera of my ever-changing body. I am so grateful for this moment in time, and for these images to remind me of the honor it has been to carry this life inside of me.

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Thank you to the team who made this shoot possible:

  1. Photographed by @joyceparkphoto
    Wardrobe stylist @monicarosestyle
    Assisted by @katie_peare
    Hairstylist @ashleeroseboots 
  2. Makeup artist @themariavee


  1. As a mother, it’s important to take some time out for yourself. How would you recommend mothers, and women in general, do that?

Prioritizing alone time is something that took me nearly two years into motherhood. I used to count my solo hours spent working or travelling for business as self-care because it was time spent alone. But I eventually grew tired, frustrated, and uninspired. That’s when I recognized that self-care needs to be truly that—time spent with myself, caring for my mind, body, and heart. Each day, I create space for at least some kind of self-care—sometimes it’s a workout, other times it’s a mask in a bubble bath, or even doing nothing at all but indulging in alone time outside or in my bed. For anyone—mama or not—I think we’re only able to prioritize ourselves when we stop feeling guilt over it. Self-care is not selfish, and it’s okay to ask for help in achieving that time alone.

How has your second pregnancy been different from your first? I can imagine it feeling more challenging given the pandemic.

It feels wildly different than my first. Of course, for some of the more obvious reasons because we are in the midst of a pandemic—my husband hasn’t been to a doctor’s appointment, I’ve had to be especially cautious of where I go, and a hospital birth comes with added fears that didn’t exist before. I also miss the warm embrace of my family—my siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, and closest friends—who were very present with me during my first pregnancy. But at the same time, the circumstances have also meant a much more present pregnancy. I am not travelling every few weeks, as I normally would be. I am able to work from the comfort of my home, as I battled morning sickness and hormone changes, and my first-born and I have gotten to indulge in so much time together before we welcome another. I feel like the silver linings have been far greater than the sacrifices.

What have been some of the biggest challenges as a businesswoman while being pregnant with your second?

I always envisioned being a working mom, because I really love creating, and I actually think it makes me better at mothering. But settling into the imbalance of my roles took time and self-forgiveness, and was much harder at the start of my company because we didn’t have a team of support at that point. Now, pregnant with my second, I’ve had a few years of settling into both of my roles and recognizing that they will each require more of me on varying days. I embrace the chaos, the imperfection, and the imbalance. Plus, we have an incredible Summer Fridays team now, and so I don’t feel concerned about taking some time away, which I plan to do. I really believe in maternity leave and carving out space to truly indulge in those early months, and I am grateful I am able to do that. My body needs that time, my mind needs that time, and my child needs that time.

How would you describe motherhood?

Motherhood is giving everything, and receiving everything—that is, the greatest love I’ll ever know. A love so pure, so simple, so infinite.

Motherhood is entering into a willingness to forever have a piece of your soul walking outside of your self. It’s giving up a part of you so that you can infinitely live within someone else. My mother did that for me, and so beautifully gave me parts of her spirit that now I will give my children. I don’t think about motherhood as losing myself, but rather, about creating space to grow and expand into someone so much greater than I could have done alone.

Who’s your Mother Muse?

My own mother ❤ My greatest model of love.