Pumpkin Patches + Family Costumes | Our Halloween Diary

Happy Halloween! I am so excited to take Ev trick-or-treating tonight. He’s too small to actually eat any candy, but I’m still taking him door-to-door just so I can hear that little voice say “twwwwwick-eh-tweeeet” a dozen times over. I MEAN. There is no better sound.

This is Evan’s second Halloween, but he was too small to really enjoy it last year. He mostly cried and passed out early that night — nothing like wrapping up a halloween party by 6pm. BUTTT, this year, we are going to rally until 8 (crazy, I know), and let Ev stay up for a costume party with a few of our friends.

Did you see our costume this year?? We first dressed up over the weekend as part of the Flinstones family. Can you believe I got my husband to wear a faux fur dress?? We were crying of laughter for a good hour. Best abs workout I’ve had in months LOL. For those of you asking — a family friend made the boys’ costumes, and I found mine online and cut it into a two-piece. Because, if you know me, you know I love a crop top anything. Wilma loves a crop top, too… so I figured why not elevate the Flinstones wardrobe a bit?? HA!

This year also marked Ev’s first (ish) time to the pumpkin patch. We went last year, but he mostly cried (and pooped), so this trip counts as the first. In typical Evan fashion, he only wanted the biggest pumpkins, and was not in the mood to share. He said “miiiiiiiiiiine” about 20 times and was upset when we didn’t go home with the 80 pound pumpkin he wanted. Sorry, dude. Maybe next year.

Also, if you look closely at the signs behind us in these photos, you’ll spot an X over a mom taking a selfie while their kid runs off with a pumpkin. Were they trying to tell me something?? Jake and I were LOL’ing over that for a good hour.

Hope you have the happiest Halloween. Fingers crossed my baby rallies past sunset tonight. xxx

On Me | Jeans: Black Orchid | Sweater: Tularosa | Boots: Similar here

On Evan | Pants: Similar here | Top: Similar here | Boots: Hunter | Hat: HM

On Jake | Pants: Similar here | Top: J. Crew

Pumpkin Patch Photos by Cibelle Levi