Pregnancy Health | Prenatals, Vitamins, Powders and More

Taking care of my body this pregnancy has felt a lot more intuitive compared to my first — it feels less terrifying that i’ll get something wrong, and overall I feel more deeply in tune with what my body is asking for and leaning into that. I wanted to share some of the vitamins, nutrients + resources that have served me well the last nine months for those of you also expecting… (or, are preparing to)!

note: always check with your doctor, certain things like magnesium are ideal for some of us, and less ideal for others — depending on what your body needs and your personal health journey.

Ritual prenatals are clean + ease nausea
8Greens tablets for enough greens
Moonjuice magnesi-om tea for night anxiety
– Seed probiotics for a healthy gut
Be Well by Kelly’s fab 4 pregnancy course
Seed Lyfe pregnancy smoothie blend

+ lemon mint water to curb nausea
+ extra vitamin c to ward off illness
+ flax + chia for proper digestion