Our First Parents Getaway | Why We’re Doing It

but really, have you ever seen a cuter carry-on?! ✈️ so, we’re doing something BIG in a parents world tomorrow. jake and I are going to hawaii… without our babe 🙊 we have *never* both been gone for even a night away since our favorite little person arrived. we’ve each traveled personally for work, but never together… and basically after months and months of feeling guilty for even thinking of going away with my hubby, we finally decided it wasn’t a *bad* thing to prioritize some solo time together in a place that would truly feel like vacation. we’re going for the weekend, and Ev will be at my dad’s house (he’s already V EXCITED for the dozens of cookies papa will for suuuure feed him) 🍪

i feel a mix of excitement and nervousness. we made a master schedule on when our kid eats, sleeps, wants a snack blah blah blah 🤣 so, mamas and pops… have you ever done this? how did it feel?! i’ll let you know how jake and I manage alllll the feelings. but i’m admittedly excited to finish every conversation we start together this weekend, which hasn’t happened in roughly 603 days 🤣