My Pregnancy Story | Full Hearts, Full Everything for Baby Two

I am filled with infinite amounts of gratitude to share that we are expecting our second child! Currently, I am about 17 weeks pregnant and (thankfully) nearing the end of nausea! Here’s what I shared on Instagram, in case you missed it…

Our earth angel is due 1.1.21!

Full hearts, full everything.
A gift of light after the rain.
Already deeply in love.
We are happy, happy, happy!

We would come to the edge of this water and dream of another one; praying for the gift of life again and trusting infinitely in the belief another soul was waiting for us. We could feel it every time our toes touched the water, or our cheeks felt the salt of the breeze. Our child was near…

We grateful beyond words — and I’m not even sure words can do our feelings justice right now. This has been such a journey for us after loss (something I hope to feel open enough to share with you later)… but for now, it’s just so much gratitude for the honor to carry life again.

Photos by Karen Rosalie