Mom Glow | Mini Magazine Feature

Are you ready for cuteness overload?!!! Because these throwback photos from Ev are about to make you feel all kinds of feelings right now… (or, maybe it’s just me)?!

My almost-two-year-old and I did a really fun shoot + story with Mini Magazine several months ago, that recently appeared in their February issue. This project felt especially sweet, and the photos will forever be some of my most cherished.

This piece marked the first time I spoke more in-depth about the imperfect juggle of mom/work life, and how I build myself up on days I may be feeling particularly exhausted! See the Mini Mag spread below… or click here for to see the full issue, also featuring my #supermom friend, Arielle Charnas on the cover!

Of course, motherhood changes everything. But I think when approached with gratitude over fear, those changes feel remarkably freeing rather than constrictive.”

Life throws us a lot of curveballs, but if I can control anything it’s love. I want him to feel free to grow into whoever he’s meant to be, and have the freedom to change over and over again.”

Photos by Vanessa Tierney