Dear Baby | Two Years of Magic

Dear baby, 

You are TWO today! Wow, I am so proud to be yours. You, my sweet boy, are really beginning to grow into YOU — you’re wild, eager, and fast. You’re aware, compassionate, and happy. And sometimes your stubbornness over wanting that second chocolate chip cookie or an extra minute with the hose reminds me of the innocence that is toddlerhood. Your happiness is fueled by life moments I would have otherwise overlooked. A stick in the sand, a cardboard box, a balloon in the sky. A spoonful of yogurt, a sip of mama’s smoothie, a bite of nutella.

You eat your cereal out of a coffee mug because you want to be like mom and dad. You insist on a family hug every morning when you pop up from your crib. You tell me “I love you” when I kiss you goodnight, and you say “proud of you mommy” when I return home from work.

You can drop kick a soccer ball like a toddler pro, and hit a baseball without a tee. You can repeat nearly every sentence, no matter the language (english, spanish, arabic… you name it)! And you can count to 15… though you usually skip over number 11.

You ask me to squeeze your cheeks and to spin you in the sand. You ask me to take you in the ocean and to push you for a morning walk. You ask me to read you books and to hold you tight before bed. And it’s in those moments, over and over again, that I am in awe of this role God chose me for. You are every prayer answered, and more.

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I am writing you this letter from a plane on my way home from Paris. Which is probably the most fitting for your second year of life, because this is the year we learned how to love each other from thousands of miles apart. It was hard on us at first. You would cry in those moments you needed me to kiss your boo-boos, and my heart would hurt every time I fell asleep in a quiet hotel room. But then, we got stronger. You started to understand mom was away for work, and you learned to trust that I always came home. Dad would read you the letters I left you, and the two of you would go on smoothie dates on the mornings I was away. I also learned to let go of my mom guilt, because you —my son — taught me how. In every belly laugh, in every air kiss, in every good morning… the joy we share in all of our moments reminds me I am doing okay at this, if even imperfectly.

You are so much sunshine to every square inch. Thank you for filling my entire being with gratitude. I cannot believe you’ve been earth side for two years. I’ll forever be your first home — but angel, don’t ever forget it’s YOU who really brought me home, to this life we are meant to do together. 

I love you. Here’s to 365 more days of best days ever…

Photos by Cibelle Levi