BUMPdate: Five Months Pregnant

Today felt right for a BUMPdate! I haven’t written about my pregnancy since announcing it last month. It’s CRAZY how quickly my body (and little bambino) changes.

I’m one week shy of five months, which is totally nuts. Overall, I feel really good and I’m pretty thrilled to be out of the nausea-stretch! Here’s a little on how my life is changing…



With my EMOTIONS… I’m always a sentimental one at heart, and pregnancy has certainly upped the emotions. Nearly anything can bring me to tears — from a heartfelt story, to a really epic grilled cheese (seriously). What I wasn’t expecting was less anxiety. This is something I normally struggle with, and oddly, I feel very calm about my pregnancy. I trust my body, my health, and our heavens to do the work just as it’s meant to be. As the sister of someone with cerebral palsy, I’ve witnessed the true miracle of life. Something about that experience has ultimately made me really trust God.

With my BODY… I’ll start by saying everything is bigger. Not just my belly, but my bum, my boobs, my legs, my arms… all of it. I ‘popped’ in the last two weeks, and I’m really bumpin’ now! But rather than feeling overwhelmed by the changes to my body, I feel beautifully bigger, and so in awe of what my body can do. For the first time in my adult life, my wellness is not associated with how ‘thin’ I am, but instead by how I am growing another being. It’s liberating, and I am genuinely loving it.

With my DIET… I am finally enjoying a vegetable again. The first trimester had me reaching for bagels like a maniac. Since passing that stage, I’m working harder at eating well for my babe, and limiting carbs to one serving per meal. A lot of steamed veggies + protein, with rice or a light pasta (except for that time(s) I ate a box of mac and cheese… whooooops). I’m not craving anything in particular — no crazy sweets or fast food — but it’s a lot harder for me to convince myself nowadays that kale chips are actually any good.

With my WORKOUT… I’ve continued my workouts as normal, but lessened the intensity. The doc said it’s generally safe to continue doing workouts I had been doing for a year+ prior to getting pregnant. Meaning, now is not the time for me to start CrossFit, but I can stick to my typical routine. I’ll share exactly what I’ve been doing in a separate post this month — but my trainer has me sticking to light weights, 2-3 mile jogs, and band workouts. I have yet to try pre-natal yoga, but it’s on my list!

With my BEAUTY ROUTINE… I switched to using simpler skincare products (AKA, with fewer toxic ingredients). I especially love Juice Beauty for lotions and face wash; Butter + Deborah Lippman for nail polish; Basq + Mama Mio creams for stretch marks; and Honest shampoo/body wash. I haven’t made any major changes to my makeup routine.

Photos by Annie Shak