The Lyst: Target Favorites for Summer

Photo by Annie Shak

Ever walk into Target to buy a $5 lipgloss and walk out $200 later??? That’s me. Every time. All the time. Seriously, how does Target manage to destroy our self-control?

Maybe it’s because the place has everything — detergent, PJ’s, cereal, socks, bikinis, fedoras… [+ probably a prom dress or two]. Per usual, my recent trip started with the intention of buying hairspray. Roughly 20 minutes later, I walked out with beachside outfits for Jake and I and an itch to blog about it [+ convince my hubs to pose — yet again — for me].

Here are my Target favorites for summer. [PS. the pool bball hoop goes especially well with a corona].

On Jake // Shirt | Shorts | On Lauren: Coverup | Bikini | Bag | Hat


1. Women’s Horizontal Stripe Tote Handbag [$39.99]

2. Women’s Black Ribbon Floppy Hat [$14.99]

3. Sum Beam SPF 70 Sunscreen Lotion [$15.49]

4. Swimways Coop Hydro Spring Hoops Basketball [$17.99]

5. Orla Kiely Bamboo Glass Water Bottle [$14.99]

6. Women’s Push-up Halter Bikini Top [$22.99] and Hipster Swim Bottom [$17.99]

7. XHIL Screen Tank Dress [$14.99]

8. Polka Dot Beach Towel [$9.99]

9. Earth Wood Lockport Unisex Sunglasses [$89.99]



Photos by Annie Shak

Graphics + design by Katie Grossbard