The Lyst: My Favorite Apps

I consider myself a creature of habit — especially when it comes to technology. I stick to what I know, and it usually takes a lot of convincing for me to join a new social network or to adopt a new way of organizing my work. Since my career relies almost entirely on technology now, I’m [trying] to be less stubborn. Outside of my main social apps [Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat], here are my favorites for everything from photos and videos, to calendars and game night ideas…

Favorite Apps

PHOTOS: Pic Tap Go! | This is my go-to editing app for achieving bright + airy photos. My favorite filters are “lights on” and “awake.” You can even apply multiple filters to achieve the perfect Insta!

WORK: Google Calendar | My team uses this calendar for both work and play. You can color-code events between office work, travel and personal appointments. If you prefer the standard iPhone calendar, you can set events to automatically sync over to your master Google calendar.

GAME NIGHT: Heads Up! | Hands down, the best game to play with your friends on a night in! It’s the brain child of Ellen DeGeneres, and combines charades with pop culture + lots of screaming (if you play it like we do).

Favorite Apps-2

DIRECTIONS: Waze | If you hate traffic as much as I do, use this app. It gives the best alternative routes in an easy-to-understand way. Plus, it notifies you of wrecks and construction.

VIDEOS: Replay | Turn quick iPhone videos into fun, sharable moments for social media. You can easily add music, filters and even a white square border that looks great in an Instagram feed. I made this St. Barths video using the Replay app.

SOLO PLAY: Trivia Crack | If you get some solo time and want to brush up on your trivia skillz, this is your app. It’s like bringing a fun, approachable version of Jeopardy into your life. Warning: you may or may not cuss at your phone.