Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Stressing over what to get your mom for Mother’s Day? I know, life is busy. But mama’s deserve the very best, so I wanted to share a few gift ideas.

If you want to get creative with flowers, make this Mother’s Day DIY we posted last week. It’s a step-up from a traditional arrangement, while keeping things affordable!

If you’re craving a creative purchase, check out the ideas below. I know a few mamas who would love this delicate necklace or a long soak with this sake bath.  Order your gifts today [and stop procrastinating]… because Mother’s Day is THIS weekend!

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You-and-Lu-Mother's Day Gifts

1.Mini Journals by West Elm $19

2. Citron Lidded Basket by Indego Africa $66

3. Norie Sunglasses by Raen $170

4. Limited Edition: Be Legendary Lipstick Palette by Smashbox $75

5. Vogue 100 by Books with Style $65

6. Arden Lariat Necklace by Gorjana $80

7. Rice Sake Bath by Fresh $82

8. Floral Leather Crossbody Bag by Topshop $80

9. Toulouse Jewelry Box by Jonathon Adler $295

P.S. I want to gift my mama a baby koala or a kangaroo from down under. Is that allowed? 

Graphics + design by Katie Grossbard