Home Sweet Home for the Holidays

This our family’s first Christmas together, and we’ll be home sweeeeeet home for it. Nowhere to be, nowhere to go. Just home for the holidays.

I started to pull out the Christmas decorations a few days after Thanksgiving, because I wanted to indulge in all the happy feels with my boy for the first time. It all started out promising, until Ev started to (quite literally) eat everything. My dreamy ideas of having faux berry branches and holiday garlands draping to the floor were abruptly shattered.

So I made more than a few adjustments to make christmastime baby-safe. I shortened our garlands and put up a faux tree. I scattered a few festive chewing toys by the decorations so Ev would choose those over destroying my fancy setup. And I wrapped strands of twinkle lights around everything I could think of, because my boy thinks the light is better than anything else in life right now (cue the happy squeals and mega big eyeballs)!

I still don’t have the tree decorated, because #momlife. But I did snap a few photos of Evan hanging his first ornament. Maybe, maybeeee I’ll get around to decorating it this weekend. But if we’re being super real, it probably won’t get done until my mama arrives in town and can keep me sane while entertaining a baby and managing my tree-decorating OCD (I have this weird thing with needing ornaments to be juuuust the right spacing apart – I know that’s insane).

Regardless, our house feels super cozy right now, and I’m so happy to be home for the holidays. I’m excited about starting new traditions with our growing family, and giving Evan another reason to celebrate life.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time on planes over christmastime because my mom lived in Michigan, and my dad lived in California. My siblings and I would get in festive PJ’s and travel across the country. It’s a fun memory I have as a kid, but it’s also made me want to stay home on Christmas at this stage in life. I feel like I get this beautiful opportunity to create my own happy memories.

Sweater: One Teaspoon (similar here) | Onesie: Kickee Pants | Knee High Socks: Ugg | Baby Beanie: H&M (similar here) | Baby Boots: Ugg | Slippers: Ugg | Stockings: Pottery Barn + Restoration Hardware | Wreath: Target (similar here) | Knit Throw: Handmade (similar here)