Father’s Day Gifts for the Procrastinator

Okay, so maybe you’re completely stressing out Father’s Day is this weekend and you don’t have a gift yet. That’s pretty much how I roll every holiday. So, I’ve gotten really good at getting creative last-minute. Not to worry— my ideas don’t require any epic DIY skills. Insanity is not attractive. Instead, my suggestions will push you to channel your inner-sappiness.

1) Draft a Top 10 List

Rumor is, dudes really dig Sports Center. Why not apply the show’s overused “Top 10” segment to Father’s Day? Draft a list of the top 10 lessons your father has taught you, combining sentiment and humor. Frame the list. Fathers— especially those of now-grownup children— need to be reminded of the impact they’ve had on their kids’ lives.


2) Customize his Favorites

Take a hint from Martha Stewart and customize your dad’s favorite treats. Click here to download the Father’s Day labels shown below. Print them at home on plain or self-adhesive paper. Attach the labels to your dad’s favorite chocolates, nuts, sauces, beer, etc.


3) Dig Up an Old Photo

Find your favorite childhood photo of you and your pops. Then, print out a current photo that evokes some of the same feelings. Frame the pictures side-by-side. Write a thought-out card that’s reflective of memories in both photos, including bits on how he’s impacted your life, both past and present.


 4) Create a Quote Pad

Purchase a nice notepad with a plain cover. Use stamps or letter stickers to customize the front. Then, make a list of 30 brief messages for your dad. They can be anything from, “You deserve a vacation,” to “Sorry I made your life miserable as a teenager.” Leave a note at the bottom of various pages within the notepad. The more your dad uses it, the more fun messages he’ll see.


5) Okay, so you’re really not digging this creativity stuff… 

I get it. Here’s another idea: sign your dad up for a beer-of-the-month club. If he doesn’t like beer, you can literally pick anything else— wine, cheese, cookies, chocolates… even BACON! Seriously, what dad doesn’t love bacon? Head over to Amazing Clubs to get signed up. Costs vary depending on the number of months you choose to sign up for.