Coffee Tables + Captured Memories

I’ve always had a love for coffee tables. Maybe it’s because I can show off fresh flowers, scented candles and beautiful books all in one place.

The best books are those that hold onto captured memories. Remember the date night at home I blogged about pre-Valentine’s Day? I turned the pictures into a coffee table book, thanks to MyPublisher.  Now you can save major money on a photo book (+ win a free copy)!

That’s how much MyPublisher loves you. Think about your latest vacation, birthday or life extravaganza— and create a space to remind yourself of those memories over and over again.

Keep reading for how to receive your promo code + enter the giveaway…





Here’s the deal: ALL of you will receive a special offer from MyPublisher by CLICKING HERE. You’ll earn 25% off an order of $50+, and 50% off an order of $100+.

ONE of you will receive a FREE book (of up to $100) by entering our giveaway! Here’s how:

1) Leave a comment below on the memories you want beautifully printed.

2) Follow BOTH myself and MyPublisher on Instagram. Don’t have it? You should get it. But we’ll give ya a pass if you follow along with us on Pinterest by clicking here + here.

The giveaway ends this Saturday, February 28th. I’ll reach out to the winner shortly after!


Coasters: Geary’s (similar here) Candles: Aquiesse // Vase: Old purchase (similar find on Etsy) // Coffee Table Books: MyPublisher + Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacobs via Amazon

Photos by Annie Shak

  • Lindsay

    I take soo many photos and over the past 9 years since graduating college I have been terrible about printing them or scrapbooking them or making photo books…although I always make photo books as gifts for friends, I never keep them myself. I would love to get back in the habit of making my own. My husband and I are going on a trip to Taiwan (where he was born) to visit his Grandpa in May…that is definitely on the list to preserve. Along with our Mexican Vacay this past month where I took a ton of pictures!

  • Alitsiya Wright

    I love pictures and I take tons of them, but maybe my last trip to Paris is well worth a photo book creation:) Amazing blog Lauren

  • Nikoleta Curran

    What a great idea! I just did a great photo shoot with my 8 month old daughter and can’t wait to put together a similar photo book. Amazing blog by the way, love the pictures, the styling and the way you write!

  • Elizabeth Mouton

    What an important post, Lauren. Photographs, both sentimental and artistic, fill our homes with meaning. So what better art to grace our walls, our coffee tables, and in our books, than those most important to us. There’s nothing, truly nothing more important than friends and family, so I too surround myself with captured memories of those most important to me. I need but to capture just a glimpse- a mere glimpse- of a photograph sharing a hug, a kiss, or a laugh with a loved one, and I can truly breathe a little deeper. Cheers to you, beautiful. I love what you’re doing here. It’s a good thing 🙂