Beauty Week: Spring Makeup in 7 Steps

Photo by Annie Shak

Happy weekend! Let’s celebrate with a spring makeup session, shall we?!

I love honoring spring’s connection with feeling renewed + refreshed. Something as simple as a new makeup routine can be reenergizing — especially when it doesn’t require tons of time.

Continuing our beauty week, celeb makeup artist Joyce Bonelli is lending us a few of her spring makeup tricks today. She’s glammified everyone from Jennifer Lopez to the Kardashians, and now she’s showing us how she works her makeup magic — Lauren’s Lyst style.

Less is always more, so I asked Joyce for a fresh look using just seven products in seven steps. Here’s how she did it… [links to everything are listed below].

1. Laurens-Lyst-Before

2. Laurens-Lyst-Step1

Step 1: Even out your skin tone through applying a light foundation and/or concealer. Try the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer + Benefit’s Boi-ing concealer. Personally, such products feel better on my skin than a heavy foundation. Plus, there’s SPF in the moisturizer!

3. Laurens-Lyst-Makeup Step 2

Step 2: Apply bronzer. Joyce lightly applied Hoola by Benefit on my cheekbones. As pictured above, trace a “3” on each side of your face, from your temple to your cheeks, to your jawline. Be sure to blend! This helps add definition to your features.

4. Laurens-Lyst-Step3

Step 3: Apply your bronzer as eyeshadow! It’s both natural-looking and perfect for a bronzed look. Another contouring trick from Joyce is to lightly apply bronzer on the sides of your nose, to create an overall glow [J-Lo style]!

5. Laurens-Lyst-Step4

Step 4: Fill in your brows. Joyce used Benefit’s Brow-zing Duo. A strong brow can refine your look, however, you want to fill them in lightly as to not look overdone.

6. Laurens-Lyst-Step5

Step 5: Highlight your beauty! Joyce blended this High Beam cream to the tops of my cheekbones to really make me glow. This might have been my favorite product of the entire session, because I actually did feel like J. Lo [for a minute]…

7. Laurens-Lyst-Step6

Step 6: Time to make your pretty eyes pop! Curl your lashes + apply mascara. Joyce used L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Very Black. However, for those of you light-haired beauties, lean toward brown mascara if you want to achieve a more natural look.

8. LaurensLyst_JoyceMakeup059

9. Laurens-Lyst-Step7

Step 7: Brighten your lips + cheeks by applying Benetint by Benefit. This product is another favorite of mine, because of its versatility. When applying this to your cheeks, be sure to blend it in with your fingertips. Other lip/cheek stains I love are by Stila + Revlon.

10. Laurens-Lyst-After

… and when you’re feeling confident with your skills, try applying them on a [trusting] girlfriend!


Thanks for giving me an excuse to talk beauty with you this week! Of course, beauty has a lot more to do with your actions than your appearance. So, take this week’s tips and turn them into empowerment for doing more GOOD.

Photos by Annie Shak