Baby Mobile DIY for the Nursery

My mind is (finally!) starting to become more focused on the nursery. I spotted some adorable baby mobile DIY’s on Pinterest and felt motivated to try it myself. But in typical Pinterest fashion, most of them looked far too difficult to even attempt… (who has the time to hand sew a series of baby elephants)?! 

I kept eyeing ribbon mobiles, and loved the idea of something so simple hanging in the nursery. Plus, I figured out a way to put this together with just three materials… thank goodness! It’s a super simple project that’s fun to do for a baby’s room, and a really sweet gift idea if you know anyone who’s expecting. I have really enjoyed receiving homemade gifts that are also practical for the baby and I. It makes for a really sweet memory, and it’s something the little one can keep.

After a quick stop at the store for materials, it only took me about 15 minutes to finish this baby mobile DIY project. You can easily make it specific for a boy or girl, or keep it super gender-neutral with muted ribbons. I made one of each since we don’t know what we’re having! Watch the video below for how to make your own…

MATERIALS | ribbon | round wood base (available at Michaels) | string

PS. if you’re not into DIY’ing your mobile, I linked to a number of my nursery favorites below, under ‘shop the post.’ I also linked to a number of my favorite ribbons!

Video by Adam Falk | Photos by Annie Shak