/ Candid Talk

life is long 〰️

it’s what my dad would always say to me growing up — and not to take away from how indeed short our time is here, but to remind me of the magic that is always waiting for me. to not rush something if I wasn’t ready. to not assume our life story is already written for us, before we’ve ever had the opportunity to rewrite it ourselves as often as we’d like.

I believe we are meant to change, and transform, and transition, and constantly become new versions of ourselves. life is as long as we each need it to be.

we don’t need to live hurried. most of the time our greatest dreams are being woven in ways we cannot imagine until they become something real — when we have the openness to accept them.

what a beautiful way to live knowing that we can be so many things in one lifetime.

/ Candid Talk

me and my ella raine 🌧 I feel less hurried this time, less concerned about what I don’t know. the good days are never long enough and the bad days don’t feel so bad because I know they pass. it all passes. and maybe that’s why i’m not wishing away even the tough days like I did with my first. because there’s nothing like this very moment and by tomorrow it will be gone; a memory for the baby books or a story we’ll tell her someday. and so what a beautiful gift the perspective of passing time has given me on the present.

/ Candid Talk

forever and always, evan & ella 🌙 i’ve known you long before you arrived, within the deepest part of my soul. and then I waited for you. sometimes with hope and sometimes with heartache. but I knew you would arrive, with such force and love and familiarity, and be just as you are.

I will love you in every season of life, my angels.


and to every other mom, mom to be, and mom in waiting, I am honored to walk alongside you.

/ Candid Talk

do you ever miss something that’s still yours? it’s the heartbreak I can’t help but feel in between the gratitude and the exhaustion that is being a mother.

it’s in moments like these, which feel so tangible yet so fleeting, that make me ache for what is still mine. it’s as though I long for the simultaneous pride of watching my babies soar, while wanting to pause time on our most beautiful moments.

this is motherhood.

/ Candid Talk

forever ♾ becoming a mother made me feel like I was home. like I arrived at this place within me that was safe, and warm, no matter how unpredictable and hard. a place that makes me want to be kind to myself and kinder to others. a place that requires all of me and yet still gives me more than I arrived with.