Whip Up This Healthy Walnut Butter

Photo by Annie Shak

I’m the type who runs five miles and then adds a jar of peanut butter to my kale smoothie.

I used to think kale canceled out all other calories.

As it turns out, not even kale can make peanut butter calorie-free. The good news is — this walnut butter recipe blows peanut butter outta the jar.

My friend and nutritionist Kelly Leveque of Be Well is LA’s queen of clean eating. She’s the sweetest health nut you’ll ever meet — and makes even the worst cooks feel talented in the kitchen. I’m bringing her expertise to the Lyst, because I think we’re all looking for healthy tips + tricks.

This walnut butter requires just three ingredients and five minutes.


Ingredients: 2 c frozen walnuts, 1 tbs raw organic honey, 1 tsp pink himalayan salt.



Place frozen walnuts in a food processor for 2 minutes, or until walnuts turn into a butter-like texture.


Add raw honey and salt, and process the ingredients for another minute.


Add additional honey (another tbs) and/or salt (another tsp) according to personal taste.


Serve with apple slices, celery or flat crusts + ENJOY guilt-free!


Here’s why Kelly says walnut butter is so good for us [+ even better than almond butter]:

… Walnuts are higher in omega-3 than almonds, making them a better anti-inflammatory.

… Plus, they contain a number of neuroprotective compounds, including vitamin E, folate, melatonin, omega-3 fats + antioxidants — which means walnuts are probably super good for our brains.

And, nuts have also been shown to fight against oxidation, reduce inflammation + improve the lipid profile, all without causing weight gain.

Check out more of Kelly’s healthy recipes on her site, Be Well. 

Photos by Annie Shak.