Wake Up: 5 Ways to Boost Your Morning Energy

Goooooood morning! It’s Monday and I know the struggle is REAL. So, let’s talk ways to boost your mood + energy every morning.

I’ve posted about my morning routine before, but I have a few new habits that I wanted to share ahead of summertime. A lot of you have emailed asking for quick tricks to feel more energized. Here are five ways for feeling more awake in just 15 minutes…


1 | SIP SIP SIP | I have two go-to drinks every morning: hot lemon water + coffee. Begin with the hot water, because our bodies are especially dehydrated after waking up. Lemon water also helps to flush out our digestive system and get your body on the right track.

Switch to caffeine while you’re getting ready. I’m currently crushing on coffee from Black Fuel Trading Co. The flavors are richer, and you can taste the quality (bye bye chemicals). Plus, a portion of every bag purchased goes to charity, so sipping on several cups equals several donations to those in need. WIN-WIN.


2 | PACK IN PROTEIN | Protein boosts energy and keeps you full longer. Swap out your morning oatmeal for a protein shake [see recipes here, here + here]. If you’re not a shake lover, my nutritionist says a tablespoon of almond butter is a much healthier way to kickstart your day than with a carb-packed alternative.

3 | JUMP ROPE | Get your blood flowing! A mere 5-minute jump roping session is enough to get your body moving (and your mind working). This gets your metabolism going when you don’t have time for a full morning workout. Plus, jump roping works all sorts of muscles, and promotes the release of endorphins (which make you happy)!

4 | AIR OUT | Open your windows! Fresh air has a remarkable way of waking up the brain. Swing open a few bedroom windows to really feel the blessing of a new day.


5 | SQUEEZE IN SOLO TIME | This one is huge. Kicking off your day with some alone time boosts productivity at work and promotes gratefulness at home. Set your intentions for the day — what you need to get done, who you need to speak with, how you want to feel — before you head into work. If you’re tight on time, do it during your commute. I [literally] talk to myself in the car every morning, and notice I’m far less productive on days I skip it.

Click HERE for more ways to make your mornings healthier.


Mug: Anthropologie | Tee: Black Fuel Trading Co. | Gloss: Sephora Mint Balm

Photos by Annie Shak