Why We Should All Be Sipping These Smoothies

In the spirit of #wellnesswednesday, let’s talk green smoothies! The non-disgusting kind.

My sweet nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque, reinvented the smoothie game. Her recipes are delicious AND healthy, which basically never happens in life.

No normal human wants to actually taste the kale. Right?! This smoothie superstar is the health guru to mega celebs [UM, like Jessica Alba]! Her beWell smoothie formula allows you to create whatever you’re craving without the added sugar. Most smoothie bars load you up on excess fruit, which means your drink is as healthy as a chocolate bar. AH!

1 serving protein powder + 2tbs fat + 1tbs fiber + 1/4c fruit + 1c nut milk + greens

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1. Why is the beWELL smoothie formula so beneficial? The formula guarantees to get your body what it needs to turn down hunger hormones, keep you full and limit excessive sugar. It is a meal replacement shake customizable with your needs and schedule. 

2. You emphasize the importance of FAT. Why indulge in fat if we’re trying to lose weight?! Fat doesn’t make you fat! Rather, it helps your body produce hormones; is essential for the absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K; increases insulin sensitivity so your muscles absorb glucose more efficiently instead of storing it as fat; makes meals more satisfying so you can stay full longer without dips in blood sugar.

3. Why replace a meal with a smoothie? We don’t promote starvation and we want our clients full and satisfied. The beWELL smoothie allows you to maintain a 4-6 hour window between meals. Studies confirm women who start their morning with protein feel more relaxed during the day and eat less overall. The formula helps you access stored energy and supports your immune system to cleanse daily while avoiding high blood sugar spikes.

4. Is there one beWELL rule your celebrity clients swear by?! One serving of carbs per meal — MAX! It doesn’t matter if it’s fruit in their smoothie, quinoa at lunch or wine with dinner, but ALL have learned blood sugar is compounding, and to stay in a balanced place without gaining weight they need to limit carbs.

5. What’s your personal favorite smoothie? Spa smoothie! [recipe HERE]!


BANANA NUT | 1 serving vanilla protein powder |1/4 banana | 1tbs chia seeds | 1c vanilla almond milk | 2tbs almond butter | 1/4c spinach | 4 ice cubes

INSTRUCTIONS | Combine ingredients into a blender. | Blend until smooth.



CREAMY GREEN APPLE | 1 serving vanilla protein powder |1/2 green apple | 1tbs chia seeds | 1/3c spinach | 1c vanilla almond milk | 1/4 avocado | 4 ice cubes

INSTRUCTIONS | Combine ingredients into a blender. | Blend until smooth.



Lauren // Top: Jenni Kayne | White Denim: J. Brand

Kelly // Top + Skirt: Rebecca Taylor [Similar Here + Here]

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Photos by Annie Shak