The Lyst: Guilt-Free Snacks

I’m a snacker. A serious one. I’m the type who’s ready for a snack 15 minutes after dinner.

Since I don’t have any immediate plans to fix this problem of mine, I’ve changed the snacks I’m reaching for. Healthy ones. As the lovely nutritionist Kelly Leveque taught me, protein and fat are gold in the world of eating healthy. Turns out, snacking isn’t all that bad, if you’re snacking on the right stuff.

Everything on my lyst is available at Whole Foods, and can all be eaten on-the-go. No prep required!

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Snack Lyst


1. Mary’s Gone Crackers

This is pick is for my fellow carb lovers. It’s better to snack on gluten-free crackers, especially on days you’re skipping a workout… [and no, this doesn’t mean your whole diet should be gluten-free unless it’s for real health reasons].

2. Bitchin’ Sauce

You’ll love this spicy dipping sauce! It’s low in sugar and sodium, and is perfect with crackers + veggies.

3. Dark Chocolate

If you’re a dessert person [like me], reach for dark chocolate. Skip the cookies + cupcakes on an average day, and satisfy your sweet tooth with a handful of chocolate chips instead.

4. Popcorn

This snack has no real health benefits, but it’s super low on calories. Swap out salt and butter for a little olive oil. This is the perfect option for when you have the munchies.

5. Avocado

Avocado is deservingly the trendiest fruit there is right now. It’s high in healthy fats and fiber, and can be eaten on its own or on toast.

6. Justin’s Peanut Butter

Kelly taught me it’s better to have a spoonful of peanut butter than a handful of chips when feeling hungry. PB is another superfood high in protein and good fat. I love these travel packs!

7. Greek Yogurt

Top your greek yogurt with chia seeds and a little agave or stevia, and you’ve got yourself a sweet treat!

8. Almonds

Nuts are another great option for when you’ve got a serious snack craving. Reach for plain almonds, which are high in protein and fiber.

9. Blueberries

If you’re craving fruit, berries are generally lower in sugar. Steer away fruits like from bananas, apples + mango as snacks, because of their high sugar levels. Blueberries are great in this smoothie!

Graphics + design by Katie Grossbard

Photos by Annie Shak