Sip Away Holiday Sweets with this Detox Drink

Still feeling a little guilty over the cookies (+ cakes + pies + hot cocoa) you ate over the holidays? Hit the reset button in the new year with a detox drink that will give your body the love and greens it needs. Sip away first-thing in the morning.

This drink is something I’ve especially enjoyed while pregnant because it’s packed with vitamins. Not to mention, I need to make myself feel better post-bagels. 

I asked my nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque, on what to include. Any detox drink should load you up with benefits. Bitter greens are key because they’re liver-cleansing. You also want to include mega-hydrating veggies (like cucumber) to fight off those holiday cocktails.

BITTER GREENS (pick 2) | juice of parsley, kale, celery, beet greens | cleanses your liver 

VEGGIES | cucumber juice | hydrates your system

FAT | coconut oil | kills candida

SPICES | cayenne, turmeric, pinch of black pepper | improves digestion + inflammation 

ALKALIZER | lemon | cuts flavor of greens + cleanses system

FRUITS (pick 1) | blueberry, cranberry, acai  or strawberry | boosts flavor + antioxidants

I combined a liberal handful of parsley + kale, 1 cucumber, and a half-lemon in a juicer. Then, I added that juice, 1/2 c blueberries, 1 tsp turmeric, 1 tsp cayenne pepper, 1 tbsp coconut oil, and ice into a blender until smooth.

SIP away those holiday toxins! If you’re looking for more healthy drink ideas I follow from Kelly, click HERE + HERE or read about 7 ways to reset your body HERE.

Photos by Annie Shak