How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

YAY, it’s the weekend and I’m finally back home. New York Fashion Week was a beautiful whirlwind (that so kindly left me with dark under eyes this weekend). Another NYC diary is coming Monday, but first I wanted to write about the FOOD. So many of you have asked for tips and tricks for eating healthy on the go.

If you follow along on Instagram or Snapchat, you know I’m a foodie. I indulge in bread, and desserts, and cocktails [obvi]! BUT, after working closely with my nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque, I’ve finally learned how to do it with balance. Hope you find this helpful!


Blender Bottle + Protein Powder | You can use this to blend up a smoothie anywhere, anytime. Ask your hotel, flight attendant, or even stop in at a gas station for the liquid portion of your shake [ie, almond milk + coconut oil, etc].

Nut Butter Packets | My favorites are Yum Butters or Justin’s. Nut butters provide protein and good fats, and can be eaten alone or added to your shake.

Gluten-Free Crackers | If you’ve got the munchies, avoid the mini-bar and snack machines, and opt for your box of crackers. Top them with nut butters to boost flavor.

Chia Seeds | Top one of your meals with chia seeds everyday. They’re a great source of fiber and you can buy them in travel packs.

Protein Bars | Quite honestly, most ‘health’ bars are actually packed with carbs and sugar. Opt for either Steve’s No Junk [available at Whole Foods] or Primal Kitchen Bars. You want to pick a bar that’s super low in sugar, while high in protein. Don’t be fooled by low calorie counts.


Pack a Meal | Know what you’re going to eat while in-air or on the road. Security will allow you to bring food on board, as long as it’s not liquid. On the return end, I’ll stop at a local café or grocery store, and pick something up to go.

Pick Healthy Snacks | The above snacks are perfect for a road trip or a flight. Bring them in your carry-on so you’re not tempted to ask for 8 bags of peanuts! Other snacking options include: hard-boiled eggs, nuts, or veggies + hummus.



Breakfast | Omelette + veggies, grain bread with almond butter or chia seed pudding

Lunch + Dinner | Protein, fat + fiber should be in each meal. Think grilled chicken caesar salads, salmon with veggies, chicken with avocado, etc. Consider meal sizes are typically larger while eating out, so be aware of how much you’re eating.

Sweeeeeets | I LOVE sweets. So, I make daily choices. If I spoil myself with pancakes one morning, I’ll skip dessert and a fruity cocktail that day. Similarly, if I sip on a mai tai by the beach, I’ll avoid sugar in my foods that day. I think it’s GOOD to indulge while traveling, just be aware of how much you’re doing it, and keep an eye on portions. It’s also fun to share these treats with friends! Another idea is to much on Hail Merry’s.


Hydration | Drink lots of water throughout the day. Hot lemon water is great for digestion and hydration. Kelly also recommends adding these mixes to keep it flavorful while adding nutrients: 8G [for your greens], Oxylent and Nuun [for electrolytes and vitamins] + Artisana.

Alcohol | Vodka soda + lemon/lime or clear tequila + soda water will be your best option. You want to avoid sugary mixers that will give you excessive blood sugar spikes (and a horrible hangover). If you want wine, stick to merely 1-2 glasses.


Delayed? In the middle of nowhere? On a long flight? I get it. Sometimes life doesn’t allow us to plan. If I don’t have any of the above snacks with me, here’s what I’ll do…

Starbucks | Typically, they’ll offer ‘snack boxes’ with hard-boiled eggs + fruit, or cheese and crackers. This is a better alternative to fast food, if you’re down to only a few options. You can also pick up one of their sandwiches and lose one end of the bun.

Convenience Stores | I always avoid fast food, because it typically makes me sick. Instead, I’ll search for the nearest convenience store [ orWalgreens/CVS/Rite Aid], and see what they’ve got. At times, I’ll do crackers and peanut butter. Other times, they’ll have a refrigerated section with cheeses. I’ll also grab nuts or dried fruits. This isn’t a long-term meal solution, but it can last me a couple of hours until I can find a restaurant.

Photos by Annie Shak