Body Boost: Benefits of Cucumber

Ever place cucumbers on your eyes in hopes you’ll wake up looking like Gisele?? ME TOO. Turns out, veggies don’t turn us into VS supermodels… [sigh].

BUT, cucumbers do have some serious health benefits. They help with hydration, inflammation and pain relief, alongside aiding in heart and brain health.

You’ll spot this veggie in a number of face and body masks because of its healing benefits. Cucumbers are also rich in potassium and vitamin E, which help fight wrinkles!

Below are five ways to give your body a boost with cucumbers!


DRINK | Cucumber Mint Water

Cucumbers are nearly 97-percent water! They’ll keep you hydrated and flush out toxins.


SCRUB | Cucumber [1/2c], Sugar [1c], Olive Oil [1/4c] + Mint [1/4c chopped]

Include chopped (or pureed!) cucumber into your body scrubs. This exfoliating wash will get rid of dead cells, while the cucumber + mint work to cool, heal, and brighten your skin tones. The olive oil softens your skin.


LIGHTEN | Place cucumbers on your eyelids

Cucumbers have a subtle lightning effect, which helps combat dark circles. Place over your eyelids to reduce inflammation and puffiness.


MASK | Cucumber [1/2c pureed] Milk [1/4c], Honey [1tbs] + Brown Sugar [1tbs]

Cucumber helps to calm your skin and reduce any redness you may have! The brown sugar will act as an exfoliant, while honey boosts elasticity. This is a perfect mask to use in the morning, when you feel puffier.


EAT | Cucumber [1 cucumber, peeled + diced], Greek Yogurt [1/4c], Parsley [1/4c chopped], Garlic [1 clove, minced], Olive Oil [1 teaspoon], Green Onion [1/4c], Feta Cheese [optional, sprinkled on top]

Seriously, this is delish! Cucumbers are loaded with vitamins + will promote hydration.

Photos by Annie Shak