7 Ways to Reset Your Body

Still struggling from a turkey hangover? I ate enough potatoes + pie to make the pilgrims proud.

SO, it’s time to detox. I worked alongside nutritionist Kelly LeVeque and aerial fitness guru Lindsey Duggan of LA’s AIR studio to bring you seven health tricks for hitting the reset button this week…


1. Water + Lemon | Warm lemon water each morning hydrates your body while purifying your liver.

2. Water + Chlorophyll | Add a few drops of chlorophyll to your water throughout the day. The nutrient helps control hunger, cravings and body odor, while killing off bad bacteria in your body.

3. Meditative Workouts | Challenge your mind and body with workouts like boxing, yoga, hiking + aerial fitness. Learn the benefits of aerial fitness by clicking HERE + read an article I did for Chalkboard Mag.


Aerial Fitness | Forward Fold


Aerial Fitness | Downward Dog


Aerial Fitness | AIR Crunch


Aerial Fitness | Arm Stretch | AIR Pull-Up


Aerial Fitness | Aerial Backbend


Aerial Fitness | Straddle-Back


Aerial Fitness | Meditative Hold | Half-Pigeon


Aerial Fitness | Upside-Down Split

4. Coconut Oil | Coconut oil is powerful. It speeds up your metabolism + kicks off yeast overgrowth (better known as candida). Make a habit of cooking with coconut oil and take a spoonful of it daily.

5. Good Fat > Bad Fat | As yummy as that leftover pumpkin pie looks, opt for snacks with good fats. Reach for things like avocado, tree nuts, eggs + coconut oil.

6. 12-Hour Detox | Skip the snacking post-dinner, and push your body to not eat again until the next morning. This gives your body enough time to burn fat, rather than merely digesting your food intake.

7. Positive Body Talk | This is this the most important. Talk to yourself. Remind your body it’s beautiful, strong, and built for YOU. Love your body. Take care if it the way you care for someone you love.

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Photos by Annie Shak