7 Ways to Make Mornings Healthier

Mornings have the power to make or break my day. Meaning, I can very quickly turn into Grumpy Cat if my coffee isn’t strong enough.

Beyond an early cup of joe, I have seven habits that ensure I have a health-[ier] day — both mentally and physically — with help from my nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque…


1. Skip Your Phone | Avoid your phone until after you’ve had some personal time. I have a 30-minute rule. Waking up to missed texts, emails, calls and Instagram notifications gives me MAJOR grump syndrome — it leads to a crazed start.

2. Sip on Lemon Water | Kicking off your day with hot water and lemon naturally hydrates your body while purifying your liver.


3. Prep a Protein Shake | Protein [over carbs] will make you energized and full for a whole lot longer! The Be Well by Kelly smoothie has protein powder, fat (avocado or nut butter), fiber (chia seeds), almond milk, greens, and berries. Click HERE for a recipe.

4. Have Coconut Oil | Coconut oil speeds up metabolism + kicks off yeast overgrowth (known as candida). Take a daily spoonful.

5. Stretch and Meditate | Prep your body by stretching and setting intentions. What do you want out of the next 24 hours? How do you want to approach your work and the people you love? Think through this as you do these five yoga moves from home.



6. Set the Tone | You control your day. Remind yourself of this each morning… “You can’t have a good day with a bad attitude. And you can’t have a bad day with a good attitude.” P.S. coffee helps, too.

7. Pack a Snack | Pack a protein-packed snack in case work delays your lunch. Try a cup of almonds, a travel-size peanut butter packet, beef jerky, etc.

Romper: Stone Cold Fox | Leggings [plain]: Lulu Lemon | Leggings [printed]: Similar Here | Mug: Williams-Sonoma | Throw Pillow: Anthropologie

Photos by Annie Shak