Trek Up: The Santa Monica Stairs

Photo by Annie Shak

Taking the stairs is worth it. It will firm up that bum a lot faster than a fancy elevator ride.

That’s what I tell myself when I’m trekking up 170 steps in Santa Monica alongside The Chalkboard Mag. The stairs are famous in LA, hosting everyone from workout buffs to want-to-be-seen celebs.

You can squeeze in a good stair workout anywhere. Think of your local high school stadiums, your home, your workplace. It’s easy to find a good set of stairs to take.

Here’s why my trainer says the stairs are worth it: relieves tension + stress, increases muscle strength, tightens your butt, improves cardiovascular health+ it’s free! You can also shed serious calories — a 30-minute stair workout can burn up to 220 calories [depending on your weight]!

There’s also something innately encouraging about the workout. I think it’s the idea of accomplishing something one step at a time – never looking back – that inspires me.

Note: There are two sets of Santa Monica stairs – wooden and concrete. Repeat the steps a few times. 


STRETCH. Kick things off with a solid 3-minute stretch, especially focusing on your legs.



TREK UP. Choose a pace that’s comfortable for you (switch between walking + jogging).


REFUEL. Sip on a cold pressed juice + take in the views!



JOG. Go for a slow jog between sets to squeeze in extra cardio [+ burn more calories]!


STRETCH. Stretch again for a few minutes before making your way down.



TREK DOWN. Control your pace, using your core muscles.


SMILE. You did it… now repeat!

Pants, Shirt + Bra from Lulu Lemon | Nike Tennies

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Photos by Annie Shak