How to Look Good Post-Workout

I love a hard workout — which means, I usually leave the gym a sweaty mess. You, too?

The red-face-meets-wet-tee look is all good if I’m going straight home. But sometimes I want to be a responsible adult and run errands after the gym. Hence, why I’ve figured out a few tricks for looking good post-workout. Below are my favorite products that have a permanent place in my gym bag…

PS. Anything you recommend that didn’t make my lyst? Let me know!

Laurens Lyst

Post Workout

1. ‘Moroccan My World’ Fitness Head Wrap by Sweaty Bands [$15]

I keep a headband in my gym bag to keep frizzy fly aways back while masking a sweaty scalp.

2. Benetint Cheek + Lip Stain by Benefit [$30]

This tint is super lightweight on your skin + will give you a little beauty boost.

3. Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 by Laura Mercier [$44]

A tinted moisturizer helps reduce redness without needing foundation.

4. Minted Rose Lip Balm by Smith’s [$5.59]

Nothing beats a cool, moisturizing lip balm post-workout.

5. Cleansing Facial Wipes by Simple [$4.99]

The biggest MUST-HAVE on the lyst. Wipe your face, neck, back + shoulders down.

6. Happy Rollerball Perfume by Clinque [$20]

You miiiiight smell a little. Roll on a fresh fragrance that makes you feel happy.

7. Ithaca Jacket by Fabletics [$79.95]

A fitted zip-up is worth the investment. It hides sweat + makes you look put-together.

Photos by Annie Shak | Graphics + Design by Katie Grossbard