Box Your Way to a Stronger Mind + Body

I’m really trying to get back on a health kick following New York Fashion Week. I imagine pairing pinot grigio with my protein shakes isn’t helping [sigh]. So, let’s talk the workout models are loving — boxing! 

PHYSICAL BENEFITS | Boxing is a full-body workout that reduces body fat. The moves are a good compliment to yoga and/or pilates, while simultaneously teaching you self-defense skills.

MENTAL BENEFITS | This workout is known to be cathartic once you’ve got the basics down. You’re able to practice discipline while releasing ongoing stress and negative energy.

Start by working alongside a trainer. I teamed up with House Of Fitness boxing expert Michael DeGood + The Chalkboard Mag to show you how to throw a few solid punches… 

Laurens Lyst

Note: The following moves are based on being right-handed. Make changes accordingly.

Laurens Lyst

WRAP HANDS | Wrap your hands for proper wrist support. This is especially important for beginners to avoid injuries. Wrapping protects your joints and the small bones in your hands.

Laurens Lyst

WARM UP | Start with some light cardio. Three minutes of jump roping will get your heart rate up, while warming up your coordination skills.



JAB CROSS | Begin with your feet shoulder-width apart. Take one natural step forward with your right foot, bending your knees slightly. More of your weight will be on your back foot. Your left hand is known as the “jab,” while the right is the “cross.” For the jab, throw a straight punch out with your left, while keeping your right arm just below your chin. The power of your punch should come from your hips. For the cross, throw the same punch, but with your right arm.

Left Hook Collage

LEFT HOOK | Here, your legs are slightly wider apart and your front heel is up. Your left arm will make a 90-degree angle parallel to the floor. Your focus should be on throwing a punch from the side rather than the front. Your right arm is meant protect your face, so keep your elbow close to the body.


Laurens Lyst

RIGHT UPPERCUT | Your feet will remain in a similar position, this time keeping your back heel up. Both knees should start off bent, but your right leg will straighten as you go in for the move. You should drive your whole body into this move. Your right arm will remain bent, as you throw your hand upwards into the mitt. Tip: Pretend there’s a string attached from your right elbow to your right hip, so as you go in for the punch, your body moves in unison.

Laurens Lyst

For a full-body workout, do three-minute boxing rounds separated by three-minutes of cardio and/or ab work. Repeat five times, for a 30-minute workout.

Sports Bra + Leggings: Lulu Lemon | Shoes: Nike | Gloves: Everlast

Photos by Annie Shak