Amp Up Your Spring Workout

Photo by Annie Shak

Springtime pushes me to get outdoors more often – the air feels new and the grass seems grateful for more company. Even a quick workout boosts my mood and mentality.

My trainer, Mike Alexander, pulled me to the park a few weeks ago for our session. We teamed up with The Chalkboard Mag to share this full-body workout with you, because it doesn’t require any gym equipment! To increase intensity, add running, walking or biking between exercises.

Rest 30 seconds between each exercise; repeat the workout 3 times.

1. Leg Extension [20 reps on each leg]: Get in a pushup position. Place a resistance band around the base of your ankles (this will also work without a band). Alternate between raising each leg, while squeezing your glutes and abs.




2. Broad Jump [20 reps]: Begin in a squat position, with your arms extended by your sides. Jump forward, extending your arms and legs in tandem. Land in the same position you started in.




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Pants: Lulu Lemon | Bra: Lulu Lemon | Shoes: Nike

Photos by Annie Shak