A Turkey Day Workout from Home

Photo by Annie Shak

Admit it. You’re already planning to go up for seconds at Thanksgiving dinner… #foodcoma. I’m guilty of it, too. I remedy my lack of self-discipline at the dinner table with regular workouts.

Here’s a full body workout you can do from home. I worked with my trainer, Mike Alexander, on this. He’s super talented and even prepares celebrities for kick-butt roles. So I listen to anything he tells me.

You’ll do one set of each exercise before starting from the top again (ultimately doing 3 sets of each).

1a.  Row Kickback (from static lunge) 3 sets//20 reps each arm//3-5 lbs weights

This exercise works your lats, triceps, legs and butt.




1b. Squat to Front Shoulder Press 3 sets//20 reps//3-5 lbs weights

This exercise works your anterior delts (front shoulders), legs and butt.

LaurensLyst-Exercise2.1 LaurensLyst-Exercise2.2 LaurensLyst-Exercise2.3

1c. Mountain Climbers 3 sets//30 seconds.

From a pushup position, bring one knee toward your chest. Quickly alternate legs with one always extended back. This is your cardio, so repeat as though you’re running. You’re working your arms, core and legs.

LaurensLyst-Exercise3.1 LaurensLyst-Exercise3.2

Sports Bra + Leggings: Lulu Lemon // Shoes: Nike // Hair Tie: Emi-Jay

Photos by Annie Shak