Staycation 101

I love to travel. The sights, the food, the people… perhaps a mojito (or two) on the beach. Vacation is good for the soul. But, traveling is also time-consuming, costly and requires a lot of prep work. Flights, hotels, laundry, dog sitter, etc. etc. etc. Plus, we’re in full-blown wedding season right now— which means there are no vacation days to spare.

This is why you need a staycation. There’s no packing required, no itinerary to finalize… and no stripping down for TSA agents. Sounds like paradise, right? Turn that humble home of yours into the Four Seasons this weekend, make yourself a cocktail… and get real cozy with Netflix. You’ll thank me Monday.

Tips for the Perfect Staycation

Keep it a Secret. Tell people you’re going out of town. I know it’s a (white) lie, but if your friends, family and coworkers think you’re available, you’ll never get the much-needed break you’re looking for.

Eat in Bed. Seriously, though, what’s better than curling up under your mattress with chocolate chip pancakes and Friends reruns? Real life rules don’t apply on staycations.

Photo by Alexa Gores

Photo by Alexa Gores

Exercise. Well, if you’re eating chocolate chip pancakes, you’re going to need some exercise! There’s nothing better for your brain than a good workout. You don’t have to turn into Jillian Michaels, but carve out time for a solid sweat. Clear your mind and skip the excuses. Even better— scope out a new trail or hike in your area.

No phones. Okay, this one is tough to do for an entire weekend. So, leave your phone in another room and keep the ringer off. Note: checking it every 15 minutes is cheating. As for emails, set an automated reply so people don’t expect a response.

Indulge in a Hobby: You know that personal project you always talk about wanting to do? Save it for the staycation! By opting out of travel time, you’re gaining several hours to do those mini-projects you’ve been dying to start.

Sleep. This is the easiest and the hardest on the list. If you’re not used to indulging in a little R&R at home, sleeping can be tough. Close every curtain, keep that phone off and don’t make any sort of to-do list before you head to bed.

I’m kid-free, dog-free… even goldfish-free right now, so planning a staycation is a piece of cake. For those of you with little ones— involve them in the fun by keeping them off their gadgets and encouraging imagination-filled activities. Or, you can always beg your favorite babysitter to give you a 24-hour break.