Spring Breakers: Styling a Beach Scarf

Photo by Annie Shak

There’s a part of me that will never get over the nostalgia of Spring Break. It’s the one part of college I still genuinely miss. Not for the unplanned parties or the perfect tan lines (though, those were nice)… but for the utter bliss of being somewhere far away with my closest friends, gossiping about boys who did us wrong and boxed wine at the beach. Boxed wine used to taste so fancy. 

This weekend I’m living vicariously through my little sis, who’s currently spring breaking [without me]. I encouraged her to pack a scarf because of its versatility at the beach. There’s something so easy, so effortless, so breezy about a beach scarf — like a planned outfit that looks like you didn’t plan at all.

Here are three ways to rock a scarf at the beach this spring!

1. Coverup. Fold the scarf in half (diagonally, so it makes the shape of a triangle). Wrap it around your waist, using both ends to make a loose knot.



2. Bag Accessory. Add some color to your beach bag by tying the scarf to your bag’s handles [+ this is a great way to store your scarf when you’re not using it].


3. Head Wrap. Use the scarf in the same way you would use a bandanna [only it looks so much chicer]! Fold the scarf in half, and pull it tightly around your head, tying the two ends in the back. You can play around with this style, like celebs do.


Scarf: Lucky. Sold out in blue, but check out other colors here, here + here for $49.50 OR check out Target options here, here + here for $14.99 // Bikini: Vitamin A Swimwear // Sunnies: Barton Perreria [affordable options here $99 + here $22] // Beach Bag: Old Purchase. Similar options here + here.

Photos by Annie Shak