Self-Care Sunday | My Secrets for a Happy Week

I live for the weekends (UM, hello giant glass of wine on a Friday night). But that also means I need to really pull myself together come Sunday, so I set the tone for a happy week. That’s why I prioritize my self-care Sunday — because it kickstarts productivity and allows me to hit the reset button.

Ever since becoming a mama, I have learned that “scheduling” self-care never actually happens. Something always seems to comes up — like a dramatic tantrum, a poop explosion, a bruised forehead… you get the idea. So instead, I make an effort to make self-care Sunday a part of my day, rather than having it on an exact schedule. Even a few minutes of solo time outside while the babe naps works wonders on my sanity.

Below are a handful of ways I indulge in self-care Sundays, that make sense for me and my family. Try a few of them and let me know if it helps you have a better week. What do you do to self-care?

Work Out | If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love a good workout. It’s honestly my sanity-saver! Thankfully, I’ve had Ev join me in the gym since he was only a few months old, so he’s really good at keeping himself busy while I squeeze in a run or a little yoga. I fill an area with books, blocks, and toys (and obviously he loves to get into every piece of gym equipment LOL) Check out some of my Mama Work Out Videos for some easy at-home exercises. I only need about 20 minutes to get a workout in, and it makes me feel physically and mentally better.

Go Grocery Shopping | I loathe the grocery store, butttttt we try to make it a family activity on Sunday, or do a trip to the Farmer’s Market. Pre mama-hood, I would get away with not going to the store for a few weeks. But now that I’m responsible for keeping another small human alive, it’s better to have a stocked refrigerator. It feels really good to have this out of the way before emails and the chaos of Monday morning rolls in. PS. – find my favorite healthy smoothie recipes here.

Organize Your Life | OMG, will my life ever really be organized?? LOL. But, what I mean here is to organize the little things — because it makes a BIG difference in how I approach the new week. I clean out my purse, wash my sheets, put gas in the car. It all feels a little mundane, but since I started to get in the habit of this, I feel more calm on Monday. Try it!

Write Your Monday To Do List | I love a good list more than anyone! It makes me feel excited for the new week, and for everything I want to tackle. I separate my list in three categories — work obligations, personal tasks (things like appointments, errands, etc), and self goals (things like workouts, writing, a mama-baby date, etc). This helps me set priorities for the week, and reflect on my progress mid-week. I’ve also started to set specific windows for things — like responding to emails, and doing phone-free time while having solo time with Ev.

Plan Something Fun | I always love to schedule something fun for Monday night! Typically, this is something at home for me, because #momlife. But Jake and I love to plan a wine night, or spend some time looking up our next vacation spot, or even something as simple as watching our favorite show (I’m so sad BIP is over, BTW!)

Self Care + Beautify! | There is a reason the #selfcaresunday hashtag exists! Pour yourself a glass of whatever and have a soak in the tub. Obviously I love to put on a face mask (hello, Summer Fridays), and listen to some music. Shut off the world (if even for only 30 minutes!) and indulge in some YOU time. This always helps me feel more ready for Monday.