Rest + Reset | Post-Holiday Wellness

Who else is in a post-holiday rosé coma?! But really… #momlife + the fourth resulted in a few too many glasses of my favorite drink.

I partnered with Lolë to hit the reset button today with a long run along my favorite trail in LA. I’ve also been incorporating a lot more yoga into my wellness routine because carrying around Ev these days is FOR REAL! Sore muscles all.the.time.

A lot of you continue to ask about my post-pregnancy workouts. I’ve been trying to step up my runs each week now that I am no longer nursing (my milk supply was super sensitive to runs). It finally feels like my body is fully back to being my own again, and I’ve really loved getting back into running as a way to clear my head and push my body to keep going, going, going!

I’m also sharing some of my favorite stretches in the photos below — these are so easy to do at home every day (even if you do nothing else)! I’ve noticed a huge difference in how my body feels overall since starting to stretch often.

Everything I’m wearing is from Lolë — I love how their wellness pieces transition perfectly from a sweaty workout to running errands. This sports bra is so supportive yet comfortable to wear because of its stretchy fabric— a combo that is seriously hard to find! BONUS: the bra is UPF 35+ and keeps moisture away from my body (SO necessary for this heat wave) because I’m usually a sweaty mess working out.

The leggings I’m wearing are also keep moisture away (thank goodness) and they are UPF 50+. You guys know how obsessive I am about sun protection so this is why I love Lolë clothing so much. The leggings also have little pockets which are a life saver for when I’m running outside. I’ve also been running with this water bottle — a fun pop of yellow for summertime and it keeps my water cold cold cold! Everything is linked below!

Happy RESET day!

This post is in partnership with Lolë. You can follow them on Instagram here.

Photos are by Cibelle Levi