Pie and Popcorn Stations for Thanksgiving

Photo by Skip Hopkins

Let’s talk pies and popcorn… because you’re going to want both at Thanksgiving dinner.

The pie part is a given. Duh. So why not dedicate an entire table to pies?!

That’s what we did at our housewarming party and our guests went gaga for it. No, I didn’t bake these myself… [sigh].

Have everyone bring their favorite flavor to Thanksgiving. Incorporate wood Crate & Barrel pie boxes, raw or painted pumpkins, fresh apples and personalized labels (attached to toothpicks). Serve pies straight from the dish if you don’t have enough stands.






Another staple to include at Thanksgiving? Popcorn…

To replicate the idea, fill baskets with fresh popcorn. Keep it plain or incorporate flavors, and lay out spices to choose from (sea salt, cinnamon sugar, etc.). If you’re feeling sweet, offer toppings like m&m’s, pretzels, chocolate chips… the list goes on! 

Scoop popcorn into paper lunch bags. We labeled ours with a custom rubber stamp, but you can use any design from craft stores. It’s an inexpensive way to customize your party.






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Pie Boxes// Bushel Baskets // Similar dress on SALE here

Party Planning by Steven Petrarca Events // Photography by Skip Hopkins