Paris Doesn’t Play Beer Pong

I had this childhood dream of meeting my future husband in Paris. It would be by chance, of course, under the Eiffel Tower. Straight out of a romantic comedy. 

In reality, I met my husband in an equally romantic way — at a college party that smelled of booze and bad cologne, starring my man playing a serious game of beer pong. If only Kate Hudson knew the role she could have played…

Fast forward to our first wedding anniversary, when Jake + I made a list of the places we wanted to see together. The “city of love” was at the top. I had traveled there with family, but never with him.

… Now, here we are, for anniversary number two. So far, no sign of beer pong in Paris [fine wines, only]. But we think the city could host a hell of a game under the Eiffel Tower.

Instagram Graphic 2

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PS. Remember this sweet video our friend Erik Shute created for our anniversary? Well, the bloopers bit he just sent along is even better. Enjoy…