No Excuse Exercises

Photo by Erik Shute

Admit it— we all make excuses for things we don’t want to do. That includes grocery shopping, spring cleaning, working out… or some dreadful combination of it all. Typically, I blame time. There’s never enough of it! I know a lot of you have hectic schedules, so I wanted to share a 20-minute, at-home workout routine for when you’re feeling too busy (or lazy) to hit the gym.

I teamed up with LA-based trainer, Zeus Benetiz. The routine consists of five different exercises, and lasts a total of 10 minutes. To really feel the burn, though, you should repeat the rotation so you get a 20-minute workout. Light weights are recommended, but not required. You can also use water bottles, soup cans, books, etc. This workout is for both ladies and gents, simply adjust the weights.


Run in place for 30 seconds following each step

1) Chest Press Reverse Lunge

Recommended Weight: F 3-5 lbs , M 5-7 lbs; Reps: 20-30; Works: chest, legs, glutes

2) Bicep Curls

Recommended Weight: F– 3-5 lbs , M-5-7 lbs; Reps: 50 total; Works: biceps, full body

3) Tricep Kickbacks

Recommended Weight: F– 3-5 lbs , M-5-7 lbs; Reps: 50; Works: triceps, shoulders, core

4) Shoulder Raise Plank

Recommended Weight: F– 3-5 lbs , M-5-7 lbs; Reps: 15 on each side; Works: shoulders, core

5) Rotating Plank

Recommended Weight: None; Reps: 20, following 20-second plank hold; Works: core, chest, arms, shoulders, legs, abs— full body!

Repeat, Stretch & Reflect 

*** Video by Erik Shute and Adam Falk ***