My Fall Bucket List | Apple Picking and More!

At the start of each season, I make a bucket list of things I want to do, see, or explore. Sometimes, they’re simple ideas — like painting pumpkins or making spiked apple cider. Other times, it’s a trip somewhere I’ve never been to, or a date night under the stars someplace away from home (a girl can dream, right)?!

This year, most of my bucket list is for Evan. It may be his second fall, but it feels like the first all over again. He’s at this incredible age that allows him to really understand what we’re doing, and he finds so much JOY in exploring. It’s really beautiful to watch, and I feel grateful over and over again for the opportunity to meet our world all over again.

We already checked one dream off the list this year — and that’s apple picking! We found an apple orchard near Indianapolis last week, while we were there visiting Jake’s family. We didn’t plan it beforehand, but our best friend found it on the map for us and we all wandered over to Tuttle Orchards. If you watched my Instagram stories that day, you saw how giggly Ev was while we were there! It was the best, He was in HEAVEN! He didn’t really pick any apples (his attention span is .00045 seconds) but he did sprint up and down those rows of apple trees, belly laughing all the way through!

  1. Our trip made me crave another fall getaway someplace. I’m currently searching the internet for the best place to go, where we can catch the leaves changing. Ideally, we only wanted a short flight, and it seems we already missed the colorful leaves in most of Utah and Colorado. So send over any ideas you have!! Here’s what else is on my list..
  2. 1. Apple Picking! 
  3. 2. Go to the pumpkin patch | Evan’s favorite thing in the world is a BALL so I can’t wait to see his face when he realizes the pumpkin patch is a giant outdoor playground full of orange balls (LOL)! I’m also excited to have a pumpkin paint party with him and invite his besties.

3. Take a Fall get-away | Currently dreaming of changing leaves, cozy morning walks and wine by the fire with my husband. We are planning an escape for a few days to really embrace the season. But HELP me pick a spot that will still be incredible mid-october.

4. Have (a few) football parties | I’m not a huge sports fan, but Jake is, and that means football is always on. But I do LOVE having our friends over, and this year I want to spoil our BFF’s with weekends at our place. BBQ, beer (and wine, obvi), and dips in the hot tub. My caramel trail mix + pumpkin popsicles will also make a comeback!

5. Make pumpkin EVERYTHING | So excited to try this pumpkin smoothie from Be Well By Kelly! It looks DELISH! I also love my pumpkin spice lattes and fall-flavored sweets.

6. Take Ev trick-or-treating for the first time! | Last year I dressed Evan up as Danny from GREASE (see his costume here — DEAD!!!) and I can’t wait to play dress up with my him again. This year he will be old enough to try trick-or-treating (even if we just end up ringing the doorbell at my sister’s house) LOL. Also, he’s not gonna love me when I break it to him he can’t actually eat the candy!

7. Have a scary movie date night at home with the hubby | Any suggestions? Nothing TOO scary please! I say this every year, and then midway through make Jake turn it off!

8. Find the perfect slouchy, knee high boot | I am loving this pair, or maybe this one

9. Practice gratitude | Fall is a reminder that change is beautiful. Time as a mama feels so fleeting, especially when I’m still learning how to juggle mom/work life. I constantly feel like I want more time, even when I’m with Ev all day. His happiness is contagious, and I want to be sure I’m always indulging in our moments together.

10. Update my fall beauty routine | My routine totally changes with the seasons. I need to layer on our Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask overnight (like, every night!) to stave of dry skin. I’m also using our Overtime mask two to three days a week, to exfoliate and get rid of dead skin. BTW it smells AMAZE and its scent will make you want a pumpkin spice latte with it.