Mind Ready Monday: What is Success?

Photo by Annie Shak

It’s Monday. Which usually requires two cups of coffee and a self-pep talk on the way to work.

I’ve been giving myself a lot of those pep talks lately. Mostly because of work changes requiring me to practice what I preach — that is, to shed self-doubt. 

This little space — this blog, this creativity corner, this passion project of mine — is now my career. Something I never planned or envisioned for myself when I first started writing. But that’s the beautiful part about life, isn’t it? Plans change and God creates room for new paths we’re willing to take.

In helping me navigate this new path, a colleague asked me last week, “What is success?” 

Such a simple question — yet such a complicated one for me to answer.

What is success? I have a trillion ideas in my mind and a lengthy goals list. But that list alone isn’t necessarily a sufficient answer to those three words.

My family spent a good part of the weekend listening to me contemplate precisely what I want to achieve to consider myself successful. A book, a show, a family… [+ a long list of other dreams]. 

And then, an aha! moment arrived…

The success I dream of today might not be the success I dream of next year, or in five years… or in 20 years.  So, instead of trying to answer the question with something tangible — like an accolade, a title, or a hefty salary — I’m answering it with who I want to be. The type of wife, colleague, friend, sister + stranger. The type of dreamer, believer, doer, maker + writer.

If I love who I am, then I’ll love what I do, which will ultimately breed the greatest successes.

What is success to you?