Lusting Over Little Things

I’ll often find myself lusting over life’s littlest luxuries. Perhaps an old love letter, my morning coffee or a set of clean sheets. I’m also one to indulge in [too many] small purchases—  like stationery, succulents and monogrammed mugs. On a bad day, these things can go a long ways.

What are some of your littlest luxuries? These items have me swooning, smiling and smelling sweet…






I  am swooning over everything at Sugar Paper LA, from their notebooks to thank you cards.

Monogrammed mugs make my coffee so chic. Anthropologie is selling them in black & white.

Place your mug on a gold confetti coaster. It will keep you smiling even after your cup is empty.

Succulents warm up a room and are easy to care for. Create your own arrangement, or purchase one.

This vanilla roll-on perfume has become my favorite summer scent. It smells delicious.

I like being cozy in scarves even when I’m just at home. I’ve been eyeing this this one from Nordstrom.


More of Lauren’s little luxuries to come in future posts…