Look Up, You’re Doing Okay

Photos by Annie Shak

Happy Monday! I hope you’re indulging in an extra cup of joe today. Especially for those of you stranded somewhere along the east coast.

Over the weekend, I browsed through my favorite inspirational books. These few lines from Fight On flew off the page, so I wanted to share…

Right now, you’re doing it. Despite all the background noise, and the challenges, and the distractions, and the doubts that tell you otherwise, you are doing it. You are creating your beautiful life. You are traveling in the right direction.

Sure, there are a lot of distractions. There are a lot of bad days, failed dreams and botched opportunities. There are tears, tough experiences and bad relationships. But you’re traveling in the right direction. You’re building a life only you can assemble. And there’s always an opportunity to change.

Perhaps change is our greatest asset. We can change our attitude, our careers, our journey.

It’s that background noise that gives us the clarity, courage and compassion to create a new path.

Look up, you’re doing okay.