Life as a Wife: Two Years In

Photo by Annie Shak

Today marks two years of marriage for Jake and I. My heart is full + and my soul is happy.

Some things haven’t changed. I’m still not cooking like Martha, and he’s still not serenading me like Keith Urban [sigh]. But other things feel different. We’ve changed careers, traveled the world, settled into our home and welcomed a puppy.

We’ve had a lot of fancy experiences at fancy places, yet we continue to find the most magic in the mundane. The quiet nights in. The backyard barbecues. The dog walks, the grocery runs, the road trips. There’s a lot of beauty in our boredom; a lot of adventure in our every day.

Marriage is blissful, safe and satisfying. It’s warm, welcoming and encouraging. It’s happy, insightful and infinite. Marriage is messy hair and face masks. It’s coffee on the couch and popcorn in bed. It’s tears and fears and belly laughs. Marriage is compromise; it’s Sports Center and The Bachelor. It’s cold beer and berry mojitos. It’s golf trips and chick flicks.

Most of all, marriage is love — and the true, unconditional kind is all God’s doing. Happy two years in.

PS. Our great friend Erik Shute made this sweet video for us. Jake’s mostly sarcastic, I’m mostly sappy.