Life as a Wife: Third Anniversary

Three years. It’s apparently the year of gifting ‘leather.’ Hopefully my husband knows that means diamonds. It ALWAYS means diamonds.

But really, where did three years go? This week [on the 25th], we’ll celebrate year three of wedded togetherness. I pushed for a vow renewal, but Jake says anything before year 5 looks like we’re trying too hard. He obviously doesn’t have Pinterest. 

This year wasn’t a particularly big year. We didn’t buy a new home, take a new job, adopt a puppy, or welcome a human [sorry, mom]. But it was a year for us, without the weight of making a lot of hard decisions we had spent making every year prior. We needed this year. To grow, and to learn, and to settle into being ourselves — both alone, and as a pair.

Marriage is proving to be most beautiful when it’s most simple. Sipping coffee on our couch. Grilling in our backyard. Walking our dog. Those moments are the happiest.

This morning, with her, having coffee” – Johnny Cash, when asked for his definition of paradise.

I’ve learned we’re better partners when we feel most confident in who we are as individuals. Alone time is really important.

And perhaps — most critically — year three proved Jake is the hottest Instagram husband there ever was [DUH]. The things he does for love…

PS. Watch our wedding video HERE.

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