Life as a Wife: The Beauty in the Boredom

Life as a wife still feels so new. We indulge in date nights and road trips and weekend coffee in bed.

People keep telling me, “Enjoy the bliss, it doesn’t last forever.” This almost always comes off as a warning. Maybe the experienced ones think it’s helpful to remind a couple of naive newlyweds completely unaware of how hard reality can be.

Maybe we’re too giddy right now.  Maybe there will come a day when my makeup isn’t on right, when I smell more like spit-up than sweet vanilla, when I’d rather lay in bed than spend the day with him. Maybe there will come a day when the bliss is so faint, we’ll wonder if it’s there at all.

But none of this warrants a warning. Let’s not groom each other into thinking every marriage is about to get so tough, so boring, so predictable. Instead, let’s talk about the beauty in the boredom and the progress in the predictable.

That’s what’s so beautiful about a marriage, and it’s the sort of bliss I want to spend a lifetime enjoying.


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