Life as a Wife: Pass the Wine, Please

My wedding was more than a year ago. I’m still writing thank you notes [insert cuss word here]. I’m still wondering why I need a bread maker. There’s already a killer carbs section at Whole Foods. And I’m still convinced wine is enough to mask my less-than-spectacular cooking skills. A good decanter is a great investment.

I recently learned you can’t make a grilled cheese in the microwave. Or whip up cookies without baking soda. And you definitely can’t cook scrambled eggs in a saucepan. It’s a good thing my husband appreciates the effort over the result.

Seriously, though, cooking has been on my mind. Well, cooking and babies. But not because I’m serving cakes every night or working on welcoming a little one. Instead, it’s because everyone continues to ask me two questions: “Are you cooking more often?”… and “When are you having kids?!”

Truth is— I’m still working on channeling my inner-Martha, and I’m certainly not buying diapers yet.

As a nosy journalist myself, I never mind the questioning. It’s the pressure that gets to me, though. Sure, it’s 2014. But I still have my moments of domestic guilt— whether it’s over my lack of homemade pies, or my resistance to transform our office into a nursery.

Right now, my husband and I have an at-home system that works. He cooks, I clean. He buys the coronas, I slice the limes. He lifts the boxes, I lift the jewelry. It works, people.

One day, I’ll learn how to use that d*mn bread maker. And one day, we’ll genuinely be excited about spit-up and tantrums and teething toys.  But for now, I’m just passing the wine.